Requirements For An Investor Visa In Dubai?

What is a Dubai investor visa?

For foreign people interested in investing in real estate or a well-established business in Dubai, the Dubai Investment Visa was developed. It also goes by the name Dubai Partner Visa. The visa gives the holder the freedom to enter, stay, and depart the UAE whenever they like before it expires. The UAE ID card, Dubai driving licence, home packages, Du mobile, and Etisalat can all be obtained by someone with a Dubai Investment Visa, in addition to other necessary services. The Investment Visa also gives the holder the chance to invite their spouse, kids, and parents to Dubai.

Steps to register for UAE Investor Visa

Holders of investor visas in the UAE are eligible for several special benefits. So, if your company’s needs meet the prerequisites, you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to apply for an investment visa in Dubai. The steps to take to do it are listed below:

  1. Submit an Application for Your Visa
  2. Complete the Change Status Request
  3. Appear for the Required Medical Examination
  4. Emirates ID Typing
  5. Obtain a Stamp on Your Investor Visa

1. Submit an Application for Your Visa

Bring your visa application to the nearby typing service to get it done accurately and without contradictions. If the partner owns at least 25% of the business, you can also apply for a partner visa. Moreover, when you visit the verified typing facility for identity verification, be sure to have all of the required papers with you. You’ll get an email from the immigration council approving your request and giving permission to apply for your partner’s visa.

2. Complete the Change Status Request

You must complete the change status process after submitting your UAE investor visa 2023 application. Wait for the GDRFA’s approval before finishing the change of status procedure at a designated typing facility. The GDRFA is the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs Dubai (through email). The easiest way to prevent this hassle is to get in touch with the visa experts at the Shuraa India department, who will take care of all the grunt work for you.

3. Appear for the Required Medical Examination

You must go through a required medical examination as part of the complete procedure to obtain an investment visa in Dubai. You must first finish the medical typing to be eligible for the medical examination. Following that, you can go to the authorised medical facility on the scheduled date and complete the medical examination that the authority has specified. Your medical test will be swiftly confirmed, so you won’t need to worry.

4. Emirates ID Typing

To protect your safety when visiting the United Arab Emirates, you must possess an official Emirates ID. Hence, you can turn your attention to the Emirates ID type process once you’ve finished the medical typing and health exam. Every lawful permit, including the Indian investment visa for Dubai, must be connected to an authorized Emirates ID. The use of fingerprint authorization may be necessary, depending on the type of application and industry norms.

5. Obtain a Stamp on Your Investor Visa

Once you have completed all of the aforementioned steps, the authorised authority must stamp your UAE residency visa. To start the visa stamping procedure, applicants need to go to an authorised site. The Immigration Service will send an approval or rejection notification to your official mobile number via SMS when you submit your application. Moreover, you must give Zajel the airway bill number. To obtain your authentic passport, you must complete this step.

What are the Types of Investor Visas in the UAE?

Each visa category in Dubai has its own set of advantages and restrictions. To be granted one of these visas, you must be eligible. As follows:

1. Investor Visa for a 10-Year Term

If an investor wants to get a golden visa in Dubai, they must demonstrate a plan to invest at least AED 10 million in the public sector. If you still own shares in the company worth at least AED 10 million, you can also apply for this visa while working as a partner in an established company in the UAE. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t lend this money and that you must keep the investment for at least three years to qualify. Those with specialized talent in research, medicine, cutting-edge technology, etc. may also be eligible for an investor visa from the UAE government.

2. Investor Visa for a 5-Year Term

If you make significant financial investments in Dubai real estate, you may be qualified to apply for this category of Dubai visa. Keep in mind that this investment must be at least AED 5 million, cannot be a loan, and must be maintained for 3 years by the investor.

Three-Year Residence Visa

The Taskeen Program, which DLD subscribes to, can be used to apply for a three-year resident visa. The following requirements must be met to be eligible for Dubai’s three-year resident visa. Once approved, you can then apply for the visa.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • At the time of investment, the property’s worth should be at least AED 750,000.
  • The investor must have given the bank a minimum of AED 750,000 or 50% of the asset value for a property in Dubai that is mortgaged. 
  • In such circumstances, a letter confirming payment and a NOC are necessary.
  • Credit shouldn’t be used to determine the investment amount.
  • Each contributor’s share of joint ownership must be at least AED 750,000.

How To Apply For A Residence Visa For Three Years

  • To apply for a three-year resident visa, go to the DLD Cube Center.  submit the necessary paperwork and payment.
  • Examine your health in the Cube Center.
  • Now, watch for the application’s approval and wait to hear back.

Note: The servicing period typically lasts seven to ten business days.

2. Five-Year Golden Visa For Investors

The following requirements must be met by investors to qualify for a five-year golden visa.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • An asset or share of property worth at least AED 200,000 must be in the applicant’s name.
  • A minimum of AED 200,000 of the asset’s worth must have been paid by the investor for a mortgaged property. In such circumstances, a paid sum and NOC letter will be requested.
  • If a buyer is purchasing both off-the-plan and mortgaged real estate, the total investment should be AED 200,000 or more.
  • If a married couple owns the same piece of property, a marriage certificate is necessary.

3. Five-Year Golden Visa For Retirees

For retirees, a five-year golden visa is available if you meet the requirements listed below:

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The applicant must be 55 years of age or older.
  • Either a property worth at least AED 100,000 must be registered in the applicant’s name, or AED 100,000 must be deposited in a local bank and held there for three years.
  • The asset should not have a mortgage and be paid off.
  • If a couple owns a single piece of property, a marriage certificate is necessary.

Cost Of Services

Five-year Golden Visa for Investors or Retirees:

  • Medical (VIP) – AED 753
  • New (5 Years) Visa – AED 2288.75
  • EID (5 Years) – AED 573
  • Management Fee – AED 100

A total of AED 3715.75 is the required service fee.